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About Couple Promise Rings - BIG, BOLD AND EXPENSIVE, PLUS the history of Promise Rings

You've likely seen promise rings before. What are they? Are they something important? Should you wear them and purchase them? Are the reports about these rings that circulate around the internet true? We have gathered all the information you require about engagement rings to help discern between the rumors and the truth. Find answers to your questions by reading on.

A PROMISE RING: IS it a real thing?

A ring that you gift to your lover or exchange with her in exchange to a future wedding is an engagement ring. The couple makes a promise to each other to get married in the future in advance. A ring may be passed on from one person to another or two rings could be exchanged for wedding rings. An engagement ring is not an engagement ring nor one that is a purity ring (of which later) it is exactly what it is: a tangible promise of marriage, of a connection between lives, and of ensuring that circumstances work to your advantage. Consider it as the promise ring definition.

The meaning behind a promise RING SHOWN

What makes it important, you might ask? It is possible that you will not be able of marrying your partner in the near future because of the nature of life that is unpredictable. It could be because you're financially unsecure or you are still finishing your studies or one of you has to move out of the country for a time, and the time is very long. Teenagers can also exchange rings for engagement when they are certain they will get married once they turn adult.

The ring is meant to safeguard loved ones from doubts, and to encourage faith. It serves as an omen of the reunion that is likely to be held sooner or later. The promise ring is not an engagement ring in the traditional sense. It is an offer to come back in a couple of years with the sequence "engagement, wedding, family life".


The history of the promise rings is as thrilling and long as any other piece of jewelry with significance. We'll only highlight some important aspects from the past.

In the past, in Rome the marriage ceremony was one of the most important events that cost massive sums. The legal settlement of disputes could take a considerable amount of time, and to ensure that the marriage would occur after all the drama wedding day, the bride of the future was presented with a ceremonial engagement ring by the groom. It was not a modern engagement however, it was a legal declaration to seal the family contract through marriage. There's nothing romantic about what ancient Romans thought of as promise rings however, they were not a romantic choice.

In the Middle Ages, such rings were hidden as gifts to beautiful women whose love a knight or a distinguished man was trying to be able to win. If the ring was accepted, it was a sign of successful. These rings may feature certain stones, or a delicate engraving on the inside.

In the 19th century the tradition of the promise ring was reinterpreted to reflect the modern world as more and more young and not so young bachelors needed to establish themselves financially and travelled abroad to try their luck. To assure the bride of the future groom's love and loyalty and to help her through the separation, these rings were presented as a souvenir before departure.

The rings were often outrageous and inventive, as there was a great deal of interest in charades at the time.

What is the principal or BELIEF BEHIND THIS RING?

The ring is an omen of the vow you made. It is always on your hand, and it will remind you of your vows regularly. This is the reason why it's there - to remind someone of their dedication and commitment to marriage. It's a tangible proof of vows or promises made. The ring is worn knowing that you will definitely get married and begin your family with someone you are in love with.

Do I have to make a promise with a ring?

Let's try to rephrase the question What is the reason why you do it (exchange rings for promises)? Well, you shouldn't do it if you're not planning to marry the person, that's the first basic reason (because that's the meaning of the promise ring). If you're planning to get married, but you don't have a lot of money spare You can skip this step and save cash for the engagement ring. You can't handle them with any difficulty.

But on the other hand the other hand, if your circumstance is really that difficult and you are in love with each other but can't tie the knot today or in the near future and you're not sure, why not put up a small object to remind you and your lover that this delay is just is a matter of timing? You will have a frothy wedding and honeymoon earlier than later. Sometimes such a sweet memory can inspire you, soothe your soul, and encourage you to continue to achieve that goal. To your beloved this ring can be a sign that you are completely committed to marriage, family, and everything else. Therefore, a promise ring is a good idea as long as you are able to afford it therefore, you should consider it.


This is a vast area for exploration. The current fashion allows you to wear whatever and still feel comfortable. It all depends on your financial situation and the taste of the lady you'd like to give rings to. Just remember to choose the ring that's a little understated and delicate (but still beautiful). She will then proudly wear her promise ring to demonstrate that she's serious.


Men's rings are more reserved and minimalist, and sometimes brutalist. If you're looking for something more elegant and sophisticated, you can go for it. Today, the rigid rules of what to wear are mostly gone, so you can wear whatever you want (as as long as it's something that you can manage). If you're not the type of person to be fashionable go for something neutral and simple to match with any outfit.

Are there Promise Rings that can be used for A COUPLE?

The rings could be identical and only the dimensions can be different. In this instance the shared promise rings are a symbol of devotion and love for a relationship that will last an entire lifetime. When choosing rings, you should look for something that has a similar feature that is a substance and a stone or interesting shape, or maybe initials engraved.


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